Sep 30, 2012

~ Eriko Nakao

Do you know of her?



I love her!
I totally love her originality and look,
I also creep her instagram dailyyyyy (i wish she posted every second!!)

I even tried to copy her fang look, but not so great w/e


I think everyone should love her, OK

Sep 29, 2012

~ Sad nail experience

As you may or may not know
I suck at doing my nails ):

And I really love cute gyaru nails, and obnoxious kira kira goodness
so my friend recommended a nail salon IN TORONTO that does 3D nails!

Now I don't feel comfortable revealing the name of this place cause I'm a nice scared person - lol
but let me explain what happened!

So here are the nails right after I got them done:


Nice right?

While getting my nails done the lady doing them seemed more interested in her phone than her job
to the point that she hurt me, and ruined my nails without noticing.
-____- not pleased
Even though all the staff were super friendly and nice, there was just a lack of professionalism.

but I didn't care cause I wanted them so badly
so I left after the 5 hours she took to do me & my friends nails
struggled to do things, but was still happy.


Not only on my thumb, but on my middle and pinky finger too!
The lady assured me nothing would move it was on there forever
what the hell is this?!?!?
so I had to try to paint them over, to try to save my 80$ nails

Which is insane because I shouldn't have to do this THE DAY AFTER

It looks slightly better but the color isn't nice anymore -__-

Anyways, I've learnt from my mistakes, never going to do my nails in Toronto
I'll wait to go back to Japan, or anywhere else !!!

I'm so upset.