Jul 6, 2012

~ Lolita sleep over

Hey so I'm back, it's been forever! haha

I'll skip the small talk and repetitive reasons for my absence
So me and my friends decided to get together and have a lolita sleep over / kpop spam sleepover @ Tiff's!
Who btw, updates her blog way more often than me, and is also way more busier than me haha...

On to the pics!!

 ^ Fruit salad and flavored kit kat yumm

That pretty much sums up these adventures!!

And special announcement!!!

Cafe Delish will be at Atomic lollipop Saturday July 14th!!
More information can be found
On Atomic lollipop's fan page, along with a picture of my face with a creepy expression ;D
And on Cafe Delish's fan page!!