May 28, 2012

~ Cafe Delish 2012! *

Usually by this time I'd make a post about Anime north
but I've noticed in the more recent years I've been doing less anime north related things and more maid cafe things, mainly because my interest has changed, and I've matured (lol)
Yeah! I don't even give out hugs anymore unless it's a cute boy!!

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Maids of 2012!

Here are some pictures! ~

Thank you to Kevin and Chad and everyone else that helped out
The pictures look great!
Except my face, but that's not their fault LOL

The cafe this year was very different
We had more intense dances ! ~ makes me scared for next year... higher standards!
We also had mini games and prizes for each table!
I kind of tried to rush my tables to eat so that we could play games ;D

PLUS WE HAD A NEW ADDITION (not referring to the new maids)

A Puri meido photo booth!
Exciting right!!
It was created by this super cool couple to kind of mimic a purikura style image!
Guests got to pick which maid they wanted to take a picture with, got to wear cute animal ears and take a set of four pictures with a maid!
Afterwards the maid would hand sign it and add some kira kira! ~

There were a lot of guests at the photo booth! I was honestly so surprised, mainly because I couldn't find the booth (I got lost twice lol) But everyone enjoyed it and it allowed the maids to be there for the whole weekend!

Ok so more pics!!

~ My kira kira for the day

This year was super hectic, so I was unable to take a lot of maid pictures
But when they pop up, I'll for sure add them ;D
Especially the videos!!



 ^ Pictures from Mr.Vandermeulen **

May 6, 2012


So this is a wordy post about my problems
No pics, super boring,
Continue reading for grammar issues and repetitive sentences:

Now I know I've mentioned tons of times about my shopping problems
Today, as I was watching confessions of a shopaholic for the millionth time
I started crying like crazy.

I realize my addiction is bad
When she described the feelings she got from shopping
I could totally relate to everything
I even smell my clothes, and it just fills me with emotions that are beyond explination

I don't even feel that way towards people, BUT MATERIALISTIC THINGS!
Is that normal?

When I shop, everything is a good time
I feel happier, I walk more confidently, I know what I'm doing, 
I feel like I'm on top of the world, and no one can bring me down

The minute I walk out of a store I'm then hit with reality
Things that I rather not mention on a public blog,
And stress from school.

Shopping is like a drug, I always want to be on that high
I'm not at the point where I'm insane amounts of debt - I'm very fortunate to be good with money
But I feel as though I can easily be in that position
When I see something I automatically think I need it, like I can't live without it
Then I persuade myself into buying it
And then I continue, and then bam 100$ gone in one hour
I feel as though this money could be going towards something better.

I don't know what to do, I love all my clothes and for sure don't want to give anything away
& I know I have a problem, and can't have healthy normal relationships with human beings
& I have my clothes hanging off of nails I've put in my wall because I have no storage space for them
I'm also using half of my moms walk in closet,

I always feel like this after I watch that movie
I would like to change, but shopping makes me feel just so happy
Plus my mom took all my credit cards, and has threatened to kick me out if I don't stop shopping

Anyways, that was my useless post with my feelings and grossness lol

May 5, 2012

Bitches love my pics ~

Hey !
I'm so not sure of what to blog about
And even though I've been on summer vacation, I've been busy every single day!!


 This week has been pretty hectic,
being in charge of models, and a bunch of expensive dresses from the fashion show
 Meeting the governor general, who said good job to me - haha no biggie
 discovering cool sketchy buildings
EATING! Except the guy at joons did a very crappy job :(:(:(
Making a simple lace dress in 20 minutes because i couldn't find anything else to wear - haha
And having amazing fashion experiences through pact!
Crazy week, I'm so tired I can't even move, I had to cancel my plans for today

I also think Keely - Toronto gal- hates me LOL
I really want to see her, but my body is not able!!
I'm also not ever dressed to impress :( hope she understands