Mar 10, 2012

~ Sasa me pretty, some more!

Because of my super happy times from ordering with sasa
Plus a lot of my friends - and my mom!! - were asking how i lost so much weight
I decided to make another mini order

In this order:

 1. S & K Slimming socks

Ok so I was super excited for these
And because I don't know Chinese (the language the description was in) I assumed they would look like the image on the box. No I was wrong. I guess it was mostly my fault for not reading the name properly... SLIMING SOCKS
But oh well.

I ordered a size L, because my legs are fat - thus me buying these
And then when I saw they were socks, I was super sure they would fit me

Not the case!!!
They cut off my circulation - unless that's how it's supposed to slim you?
I ended up throwing them off in the middle of the night.

At least now maybe i can use it as rolled down socks.... Ughhh 


2. Jealousness waterproof liquid eyeliner
This product is amazing!
I ordered style BKSII because it has sparkles in it!!
And now when I wear it there's these pretty キラキラ bits on my eyes!
It's also legit waterproof, because here in Canada it's freezing ALL THE TIME and whenever the cold air hits our eyes we get all teary, and this eyeliner can handle that!!!
even the packaging was cute! I love this

So When I took the mascara wand out of the tube, I was like WTFFF
it's all fairy drop like!! Super awesome!!
Every time I use it it curls my eyelashes so beautifully, and it's visually appealing!


This was a risky purchase for me, I has heard a lot of reviews about it but I still was unsure
I drank some, and it smelt weird and tasted weird, so I decided to stop using it
My mom found it shortly after and LOVED IT!
She loves the taste, she told me I should just let it cool first then it's better
And she loves the fact that it has low calorie count and 1000mg of collagen per cup!
I wish my taste buds would allow me to like it T^T
Thankfully, they have a dark chocolate and cappuccino flavour, so maybe I'll have better luck with that!

(Mom) ★★★★☆
- She has only drank it for two days now, I'm not sure about her weight but I noticed her skin has been glowing! no she's not preggers!!!

Other items that I have not used yet:

Last order I bought the "hair fragrance" in this scent and loved it! So I figured the body scrub would be so super nice smelling as well. I've only sniffed it, but I am so excited to use it!!

I have no idea what I was thinking when I ordered this! I was probably super tired or something
The colour is so weird, and I knew this, because it looks EXACTLY like the image
It's not like sasa lied to me or anything! I just made a bad choice
Because of this, I'm super scared to use it

But I can't say I hate it, I still have yet to try it! x_x

~ And as usual, I got some free goodies from sasa! They're so amazing I love that website
Everyone needs to order from them!!
Anyways, I'm off for now!


  1. You bought some really good products. Whenever I read blogs about makeup, I feel so left behind T^T I'm 23-years old and so behind on the make-up scene, lol. Anyways, I really liked this post(and your blog) and the reviews you gave on the products. The Rose heaven body scrub and Fairy Drops waterproof mascara is something I'd definitely want to try!

    1. Thank you! And you're never too late to start!
      But it doesn't look like you need makeup so get out of hereeeee haha