Mar 10, 2012

~ Pic update!

A lot has happened in the past couple of days! I've been
... Socializing...

I went to this super cool vintage store, they had superrr awesome stuff!
Like those jeans!!
I felt so badass in there loll

I cute my wigs bangs! Causeeee yeah looks better now loll

Apparently so nice that now all these guys are talking to me *_*
I'm actually so happy though... Now beautiful flower boy appear in my life!

So, I've always been super pissed about the whole Toronto gyaru mess of whatever it wants to be called. I've always just wanted to meet someone, and talk about gyaru fashion forever. That's it!
But there's a lot of awkward tension between some girls
And everyone thinks they're hot shit, and half of them are socially awkward
So I always distanced myself from that!

But then, I started talking to Keely (left)

Who is part of the Toronto group, and very srs gyaru
And I was like wow she's so cool and not awkward whats that catch
And I was soooo happy because I'm at a point where I hate everyone, and I don't want to be around people and rantranrant I'm miserable.
She invited me to go to a kpop dance night that happened to fall on her birthday and I was so excited!
Unfourtunately it was cold as fuck so i couldn't dress cute - Canada not very gyaru compatible
But I had so much fun! I met her friends and they were all nice! It was so good!
Then at the venue I met Amanda! Another gal who was also super nice!

I'm super happy! I never really expected to have such a good time 
and meet cool people that I would actually stay in touch with


~ Sasa me pretty, some more!

Because of my super happy times from ordering with sasa
Plus a lot of my friends - and my mom!! - were asking how i lost so much weight
I decided to make another mini order

In this order: