Jan 1, 2012

~ Pics Pics Pics

What I've been up to!


I got to find out about and go to Toronto's Japan Foundation
They have the cutest library with EVERYTHING Japanese
And some really nice people
and they played Arashi commercials; It made me cry, a lot
I miss Japan *_*

Getting kind of fired.
Long story lol. But it's kind of being laid off? temporarily
It's kind of confusing
But I'm job hunting now, wish me luck!!

But during my kind of fired-ness
I was working everyday @ work lol


~ Spendingg

I know stop posting things haha

So I bought some really cool stuff off of ebay
I'm honestly the biggest fan of stuff
I love stuff, stuff is so good.

Ok I'm not making a lot of sense onto the main point


Yes, I bought one.
I'm always so sad about how HUGE and UNATTRACTIVE 
my thighs are
So why not give it a try right?


- Reduces appearance of cellulite
- Increase the elasticity and tightness of your skin.
- Massage away Double Chin, help remove face line and neck.
- Both gentle and deep massage to increase blood circulation. Use about 5~10 minutes. Twice a day, morning and evening.

Blah blahblah super great

So far, I have been seeing results, my legs look not cellulite-y
However the fat will remain T^T
I need exercise ahhhhh

~ Wig dyeing

Because I haven't posted anything in so long
Here's the deal on my whole wig situation.

I love the way blonde hair looks
However, because of my particular skin tone
(not black people in general just the shade of mine)
It's looks disgusting on me! I look like a crack whore or something


loooool thanks google ok.