Nov 10, 2012

~ KOBE pictures 1 (img heavy)

Haha I know right!! It's been so long
More than a year ago
But I was going through my pictures and found these, so I though no time like present time post nao

So this is from the first week ish... haha ok


See a million more ...

Oct 30, 2012

~ PMall Gets

Pacific Mall, North America's largest oriental mall apparently lol
& has awesome deals and awesome stores!!

 * Stick on nails
* Nail stickers
* Nail polishes
* Nail art pen


* Lace with bows bolero
* Beaded collar
* Cheetah print vest
* Leather fringe fitted top
* Pink bow purse (I lovveee)

More interesting posts to come I swear lol, I just shop a lot

Oct 23, 2012

~ Dream V Order

Just a few minutes ago - haha I know
I got my Dream V order!!
It was a lot smaller order this time, but I'm really happy with everything, and everything fits!!!
Also shipping was super fast I loveee EMS

~ Dream V English store *


~ All of the images above were taken on my baby pink Nikon J1!! ;D
I love love looovveee it so much!!

** I'll talk about the camera set I got in another post!! Such a good deal!! **

~Here's me in some of the outfits - Some because I just got it like a minute ago lol
The not so attractive cell phone quality pics

And my face cause like what's a post by me without my awkward face right... hahaha

~ *

Oct 2, 2012

~ Maid wrap party


Pictures from this years wrap party!!
we made some pixely looking accessories, ate good food and enjoyyeeeeddd!!

We also received our animals from world wild life - a thank you for our donations to adopt an animal!
WWF adopt an animal

A symbolic adoption of course !!
And I adopted a tiger!!
It's a great cause, and you get an a cute plushie!!

Picture from Kim~

Anyways, till later!!~