Oct 8, 2011

[ J C ! ! ~ ]

So for those who don't already know
I'm a crazy huge fan of Jeffery Campbell!!

I always find myself on Nasty Gal in class just staring at all the gorgeous shoes!!

So out of impulse I decided to buy a pair of

Lace Litas!!
I decided to go with black because they're neutral and I can wear it with anything
the lace adds a bit of personality

and I can't believe I just bought them @_@

This is so bad!! my shopping habits are horrible
I need more money!!
what about my books, trips, Ball jointed dolls, how will i be able to afford to move out

At least I have some gorgeous shoes that I hope I can walk in ):

Anyways... I'm going to go cry now
and start one of my many projects for school

Bye T^T

Oct 5, 2011

[ outfit post! ~ ]

I'm so tired! school is so overwhelmingg
but I managed to wear something outrageous kind of today ~ haha

~ no makeup don't die ok !

I recently went to this amazing store, BUT I'll tell you about it next time!!
short post ftw yeah!

this bracelet I bought in osaka's shibuya 109 was also featured in Kera's august volume
I didn't even notice it!! I was just skimming it ~ and there was my bracelet!!

no wonder it was so expensive! ):

Till next time!!