Sep 27, 2011

[ Small update ]

The studio, where I teach wonderful nice people to sew

At first I was really nervous about teaching sewing
I'm also crazy bad at talking and explaining things
But somehow, I've been able to do both quite well, which makes me happy!!

And of course after work there's always some time for le camwhoreing ~

The girls have done some really amazing work!
I'm so proud of all of my students! haha makes me feel old or something

If you're in the toronto area, and you're interested in classes and what we do
check out the make den!


Sep 21, 2011

~ Back hopefully not temp!

(picture from my colour theory class, example of how we see colour lol!)

Hey! so I've been pretty M.I.A.
Once I got back from Japan I got right into apartment shopping
which failed
then started school which I love!
and I'm typing up this post on my newly bought macbook pro!

I bought it yesterday so no legit pics boo it sucks yeah
but now i can blog more comfortably and freely and my sister won't be all
"no chanel i want to play sims" yo eff that

(Vintage Hello kitty suitcase!! lol 1990's isnt that vintage I guess)

(Cute cuffs i got for 10$!!)

Recently I've been taking tons of phone pics - so sorry for the quality
My camera is pretty raped from the Japan trip... LOL!
That's another mess I need to take care of

(Prisila wig I got in japan!! *_* YES)

( My fav purikura from Japan ~ I got to go to osaka on my birthday!!! kyaaaa~ )

This was a pretty random post
buttt I will post more in the next little while!! With pics and things from my Japan trip
if you want to see pics that I've already uploaded, check out my Facebook!

Anyways, until later!! ): man I'm tired.