Jun 28, 2011

[ ~ What I've been up to // * Cho Mach Hiatus ]

Past couple of weeks at a glance

~ I've been doing a lot of shopping for my trip to Japan ***
~ got pre-deco'd stickies for my japanese keitai

~ camwhored a lot *
~ Graduated my second year at TJLS good times

~ Evening primrose pills are amazing for lady cramps & loosing weight + it's all natural
~ Dufferin mall hauls (I know! )

It's been a good couple of weeks ~

I've been very busy with meetings & planning things for my trip
even now I should be resting and getting my last minute stuff done
seeing as I'm leaving tomorrow!
But I'm soo excited, and really nervous
I'll be at the Kobe YWCA summer intensive program for a month
& plan on going to Osaka as often as possible errday lol



This means more of me being away!!

But when I come back I'll have tons of pics! maybe vids
pics of my buys; chizz like that you know you know
Stuff and stuff

~ See you soon maybe probably not! *

Jun 16, 2011

[ Jap class + Some gets ]

Here are some class pics
Second last day of school T^T
This Saturday is our graduation ceremony yeeee ):
I'll miss my sensei

Here are some outfit & hair pics
Sorry i look like derp.

& here are some stuff i picked up when
I was trying to find a bathing suit that could cover my boobs.
it was pure fail, I might just make one or thrift shop
ewwww ):


They're having this CRAZY sale

Plain green maxi tank dress
20$ T^T
I think I got it from fairweather (sp?) w/e

Every time I go into sirens i never expect to find anything nice
+ they have crazy cheap clothes now that all look like they were fresh out of Egoist
I neeed to go back and buy EVERYTHING
~ 13$ @_@ what a deal

Jun 6, 2011

[ K Festival DONA ]

First my crazy attempt at some nice looking nails T^T

I found this idea from Yaptus' blog somewhere

And had to had to try it... on my left hand only haha

(bad pics sorry!)

~ ~ ~

After Jap. class we headed down to Ktown just to hang out
And were pleasantly greeted with this amazing korean festival!!
~ oh Ktown (:

( Toy I won at some game thing )

Food! ~ It smelt sooo good T^T

Tug of war!!

JAYSON, good job btw ;)

Cleo & I with K sunlife lady

I look like DERRRP

ohohohooo ;D dreams have come true

Also ~ best part of the day!!
good looking korean guys wrestling for my love
... YES

Amazingg music performance at the end! ~

Such a great day!

We also got interviewed by some cute korean guy

Man: what's your favourite part of the festival

Chanel: The boys... wrestling... uhhh I really liked it... uh tug of war... what else happened?

Man: blahblahblah -sexy accent-

Chanel:... uhm pardon? uh I'm having fun?

I was so distracted BY HIS FACE that I sounded like an idiot
but ohwell... oh well

Hopefully I'll never see that tape AGAIN... ):

Have you ever sounded like a complete idiot on TV?
I hope I'm not the only one haha

Until next time ! ~

[ D I Y ~ ]

So I got stressed thinking about the time I don't have to go shopping for new clothes for my trip
And with this stress I decided to chop up my old T-shirt I got from pmall

And added tons of bows & gathers:

Too much free time (: