May 31, 2011

[ AN 2011 ]

Anime north this year was pretty weird
It was rainy and cold like crazy
Then hot like crazy
I didn't do anything, I just played nyan cat all the time because QQ wasn't working


Some amazing memorable cosplays
Alice > My fav. story of all times
Zap from futurama > one of fav. characters
HIME GYARU! so cute, I need to go shopping, work on my closet gosh.

Now onto the maid cafe pics taken by Derwin **
That should cover any copyright issues...

Derrrrpppp ):


Getting ready to greet !! ~ *

getting ready for dance!!

 some fab action shots! haha


[ Prisila ]

I'm so happy excited crazy dizzy

So I got something AHMAZING in the maill


A legit Prisila wig!!
And the price was amazing, I'm so happy

I first heard about this online shop from Cheesie
Then I knew I HAD to buy something from then once I checked out there website.
When I found out they had two tone wigs for such amazing prices, I had had had to buy at least one

(product picture)

( pic of kumicky not of actual wig )
She's so cute even though she looks like this girl I dislike
+ I love her two tone hair in this pic ~

Some camwhoreing of me in my new wig ~ *** yeyeyeyy

(it's kind of really messy, cause i fell asleep with it on, BUT STILL GOOD, loll )

Communication with them was great, they put up with my impatient self, explained everything, totalled everything up, very friendly as well.

The product itself is amazing. The wig has a realistic look to it,
(not plasticy and ghetto)
and is a lot lighter than my other cheaper wigs,
which is really good considering the hot weather we've been having.

The wig doesn't shed insanely, which is also very good and avoid very awkward moments
(You'd be amazed at the amount of STRANGERS that just come up to me and touch my wig without asking)
The colour is so gorg, especially the two tone, I love it, it's subtle but not too subtle
It's perfectt!! ~

Overall, I had a great experience with minimaos. I would definitely buy from them again
Especially seeing as they have amazing prices for gyaru goods!! ~ **

Until next time (: !

[ Purge + Pact fashion Clothing swap + gets ]

I find that always around this time of the year
I purge out a bunch of posts at once because I always tend to be busy

Anyways onto the clothing swap! ~

What is a clothing swap?

It's where a bunch of people bring in their old clothes and swap it with other peoples old clothes
They're a great way to get rid of stuff you don't need
and to get a whole new wardrobe without paying tons of money! ~
Cause Chanel is cheapcheapcheappp

We had a great turn out!!
Tons of people with tons of clothes
And leather!!!!

We also walked the streets of the Annex ( Toronto )
Spreading the word of our clothing swap to bring in even more people
And they were happy to come back with clothes to swap.

It was a great success

I even got some awesome stuff!


Smart set over sized sweater

Some brand over sized cowl neck sweater

French connection tank

smart set over sized vest

smart set over sized cardigan

Gap tank

Andddd ~
This gorg woodridge leather backpack!!
I love it T^T but I hate backpacks, so I dunno
But I love it

We'll be having another clothing swap at the end of June
At 720 Bathurst ~ I will post more deets so no worries if you're interested!

And this might just become a monthly thing!! woo exciting!!

May 19, 2011

[ Sample Store woo ~]

So after a long time
Cause Canada is far from everythingggg

yeyeyyyyy! I was so happy!
So here's the product

Bio multi-effect BB cream 8 in 1
and  Bio Platinum BB cream 10 in 1

txt: Smooth velvety texture to provide a natural and flawless finish.
Refines skin texture for softer fairer skin.
Nourishes skin with herbs and nutrients.

txt: Platinum revitalize the skin and protects against free radical damage
Moisturizing formula prevents skin dryness.
Lightweight texture conceals all flaws.

~ what I gather from this is that my face will look like pretty Korean model
Sounds promising!!
So the one I tried first is the Bio multi-effect BB cream 8 in 1

Me looking like crap showing off the product

Maybe not, I'm black!!
So BB cream foundation is like not for my skin colour
However, by mixing some of my own foundation with the BB cream
I can get the best of both worlds.

( I added too much of both... errhmmm )

Then I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed
Applied my normal cheap makeup and changed my wig LOL

Crap pic I know >_> BUT...

It covers amazingly, like I didn't expect it
Also the sample sizes are plentiful!
It also lightens my skin as well, not redic a lot but nice
it hides all the uglyness that is underneath
It's just good time over all!!


I was really scared about purchasing BB cream
But now, lol only thing I will be purchasing!! AHHH~
My skin is so smooth all the time *_*

Where to get your sample & more info?

[ Outfit post * ]

Really short post until I get into my package review
For now internship outfit
Meaning me not dressing to impress


ok so I really need to stop taking outfit pics when my outfits are crap
learn and grow learn and grow...

May 18, 2011

[ Updates ** ]

Maybe you've noticed, and maybe you have not
Well you most likely have!
It looks different around here now *_*
haha, but it wont stay like this for long, I've just been really into cutesy things lately

ok so!
Saturday was my speech contest thingy that I was stressing over @ TJLS
Thankfully I memorized & even got props for my little speech about my best friend, Hello Kitty

While I was waiting to go on stage, I was slowly getting more and more nervous
Which was weird for me, because during my prep stages, I wasn't stressed at all

Then I went on stage

( I was wearing my bodyline shoes BTW
Very unflattering pic ughh I look fatt)

So I told the prestigious judges (*_*) all about my strange love for Hello kitty
How I bring her EVERYWHERE with me
And how she's really the only person I can trust
It was basically a light cutesy version of my crazy insecurities
and issues with trusting other human beings

Everyone seemed to love it, people were laughing and taking pictures
After when I got off stage i had tons of people come up to me asking
"Do you know gal? Gyaru?"

Haha, of course I started to spew out everything and anything I knew
Plus everyone felt the need to talk to me in Japanese
I just did a one minute speech on hello kitty using very simple sentences
And they were talking to me so quickly and and

I was so distracted talking to everyone
I didn't hear them call out my name for the second place trophy @_@

My humble one minute shouldn't even count as a speech actually got me something
I was so happy, and confused!

But (:
YEYEYEYEYYYYY!! ~*** ~~ 1!~!!~!!oneelevenl!!#%&*