Apr 30, 2011

[ Goodies ~ ]

So, my mom and I went through her jewellery during the long weekend.
And found these * * * KIRA KIRA
She hated them saying that they were too gaudy and not her taste

So I was happy to take it off her hands

Nude lip
No nude lip

Makeup & hair
I was bored at 6 in the morning
then started to run late so didn't finish it
Recently I haven't been able to completely finish my hair... This needs to change!

Anyways ~ yeah blahblahblah

Apr 27, 2011

[ Japanese Speech Contest ]

Oh joy of joys
so SOMEONE in my Japanese class decided to drop out of the speech contest
And because my Japanese is pretty decent my sensei decided that I should write a speech
in a few days.

For those who don't know me well, I SUCK at public speaking
I get all sweaty, teary eyed, crazy, it's a mess.
now I have a few days to write translate and memorize a speech.

I couldn't say no, because sensei has a way of saying things so that you feel like you can do anything
which is horrible cause I CAN'T

Thankfully, I've come up with a topic


I might use some props as well and キラキラ it up a bit

Another thing that sucks is that I'll have to miss a meeting for anime north
and I kind of wanted to be there because I wanted to practice the dance in my shoes to see if I'll die or not

Hopefully after my speech I can run out of their like a psycho
and meet up with the others
.... This will be an interesting day.

 **** ps. for all torontonians check out TJLS Toronto Japanese Language School
Website ~ with info info durr
Blog ~ that is written by me so sorry for the crap quality

Apr 24, 2011

[ MintyMix ! * ]

So because I haven't updated in a while
I'll do it now!!

She sells all these cute accessories
And something I've wanted for so long!!
A two toned wig!
When I saw she was selling them, I had to had to get one
I always wanted to order off of Prisila, but then I'd have to contact a shipping agent
and that all scares me
I also could of tried rakuten, but ... at the time I didn't even realize that I could get it from there!!

When I saw that little key chain I kind of freaked out a lot!

Wah soo cuutee!! ~

I knew having a wig like this would be a bit on the extreme side,
but I love it!

For the quality and shipping time, the price was appropriate
And did I mention I love it? haha ~

[ High waisted * ]

So I really love high waisted shorts
But they always look weird on me cause I'm high waisted, and my legs are wayy longer than my torso
But I've learnt to deal
Fat people walk around half naked
I can wear my high waisted shorts, k.

 These belonged to my mom when she was younger, and now, they're mine
Now, because I have maybe 10 pairs of shorts that look like this
I decided to change these up a bit


By adding a patch, new button & frills to the bottom
I made a pretty unique pair of shorts

k they need ironing I know shut up.

Apr 13, 2011

[ Excitinggg! ~ ]

This is my FIRST TIME EVER participating in a giveaway
Represents a mixture of confusion and excitement
But I hadhadhad too causee I've been looking at it a lot
A lot, A LOT, and thinking "oh maybe never cause I'm scaredy"
But I'm not scaredy at this exact moment
Give me two minutes and I'll be crying ~


* * * * * *

~ http://woxje.blogspot.com/2011/04/sweet-vs-rock-giveaway.html ~

Sweet vs. rock
Coolest idea everrrr
Well, coolest idea I've ever seen!!
Everyone check it outtt!!

Excited excited I will dream about this for sure!

[ Contacts why ]

Last time, I bought blue contacts
And to everyone said they looked grey
And now

Grey contacts = blue?
I don't understanddddd

Crazy confused faces

But I love them regardless


Apr 8, 2011

[ Look + Fujifilm ]

Finally was brave enough to wear the overalls
I lovee themmm

Fujifilm should deff pay me
Cause I was all up in pacific mall representing
free advertisement for hoursss

~ Sharon's pic taken by... that girl haha forgot her name

I look like crap but its kay I GUESS

Fun times in pmall
more polaroid pics need to be taken!!
But that's for another time

[ Chop that bad boy ]

Make a dress, son.

Apr 6, 2011

[ Pmall ~ Shopping ]

My mom bought Ovaltine!!

She also said something like how my unhealthy shopping addiction might be signs of loneliness
Which is probs true, BUT WHO CARES, I love shoppiinggg
So I decided to shortly after
Pmall tripp ~

Reina got us some awesome waffles thanks to her good looks
And she got some cream puffs & other pastries as a present

(Which my mom loved, thanks again! )

And of course there's always some sort of sale going on
So here's some stuff I gottt


2 for 15$
I didn't actually need either, it was just a good sale

Fuji film Polaroid camera
I've wanted one for... forever, and finally got it
The camera was crazy cheap @ 75$
Good times pmall

Grey geo lenses ~ 25$
Pretty good seeing as the store usually charges 50$ for it

And some kirakira things ~ cause I need to finish my phone
haha it's been how many months?! I know!!!
I also deco'd some other stuff

Phones ~ mostly done

& contact case, cause why not!!

Haha, my work station
remote of course!!

I can't wait to take pics with my new Polaroid camera!!
It's gonna be BOMBB!! ~ **

Apr 1, 2011

[ ♥ ♥ Haonoyipai ♥ ♥ ]


I might just
order some more

I also downloaded amazing haonoyipai
Meitu xiuxiu
It's like insane,
photoshop but specifically for your face
It's like now i can look like a completly different person

You probs know of it as virus leeching horribleness
I know it as love.

Btw it's all in chinese
But if you're pro like me, and click errtang you'll be aiight.
It's pretty straight forward.

+ if you do download it
Scan it 100 times
if you get a virus dont blame me, I warned you
haha ~ yeyy fake pictures ahoy!!


*Edited photo sloo-ing, in bodyline goods
ha thats why i posted them together, sensicall