Mar 23, 2011

[ ♥ Bodyline ! ! ♥ ]

So finally my order from
Came in
( It honestly only took 4 days, i'm just not patient, aha )

I was so happy to see it !!

Everything I ordered was in perfect condition
All the mesurements were EXACT
I have no complaints whatsoever, and I ALWAYS complain
And the sale was beyond amazing!!
(I glitter spammed all the pics so sorry HAHAHA)

( Horrible pics of the shoes )

There's so much love going on in my closet right now

Mar 21, 2011

[ I make soup ~ ]

I needed an excuse to use up some enoki mushrooms

Mar 16, 2011

[ ** EHH ~ ]

My mom bought it for me
She was all "apparently you've wanted this forever, and it looks like you"
I lie I lie
But I love herr!!

[ Nail Art + Jeans ~ Purse DIY ]

I'm always so bad with nail art
So this was the first time I finished anything half decent
Afterwards I ripped the crystals off in anger
Thinking no myself

ok change story

I also had these pair of jeans from h&m that ripped horribly
Because h&m SUCKS when it comes to quality
But I wanted the jeans no mater what the cost
They ripped
I cried
I cut them
left them for a year
And yesterday made them into a bag !!



Decided to put in a zipper

Added some chains, yeyy
In your face hot topic.

ok change story

I just made this huge order
I'm beyond excited
And will post about it
When I receive it, if it goes to the right address
Until then ;D

Mar 13, 2011

Mar 8, 2011

[ ~ Shopping & outfit ]

oh yeah to all those who hate the music

I went to the cutest ladies house
and it was like crazy 'cause she totally transformed her place into a store
Pretty sweet
Got this cute purse, necklace, ring and stuff for a reasonable price
though they're all pretty crap quality
It's cute, and that's all that matters.

Mom made me take this pic
& no wai I wore those shoes with this outfit, just threw them on cause my mom was harassing
totally love the necklace, reminds me of hime gyaru
And the dress was given to me by a totally awesome friend
And of course the overly worn corset belt, I really love it ):

& since my outfit was pretty like the way it was, i decided to keep the same theme for my makeup
and green contacts have been used, though they were irritating me the whole night
i should really throw those away

I'll miss you Akane!!
But will see you soon, haha!