Feb 28, 2011

[ * D I Y * ]


After a lot of time, (about 4 months because I've been too lazy to finish it)
I've finally finished this diy project.
(well most of it anyways)
For me, this is a huge accomplishment
I usually only ever finish 90% of my projects
And this time I can proudly say
I completed a good 95% of this project

This is & will be a pretty intense post, so hold onto your panties.

Feb 27, 2011

[ Food pt. 2 ]

I always have these crazy post purges

After going to Sweet Bliss
My friend and I were walking up from Queen street west along Spadina
And came across this really pretty place

My friend being crazy curious about everything decided to look in and see what was going on
It looked pretty chill, and seeing as we needed a place to loiter we were considering going in
Then out walked this man who started talking to us about how it was a new hotel
The bottom was a chic restaurant & bar
then the upper levels were hotel floors
He told us the Hotel was called ocho, and that they'd just opened that day!!
After he told us about how cheap the food was
I got excited and insisted on going in.

We were greeted with loud hellos from the staff
who were so helpful, funny, and polite
We sat down and got some drinks, then ordered some food


[ Food ]

My weakness
I don't think I've ever said no to food
Whenever food is mentioned I always feel hungry shortly after
Fatty am I

Anyways ~
My friend took me to this cool place on Queen St. East
( Holy commute ) called sweet bliss 
She told me they had the best red velvet cupcakes

 (knocked over from some minor turbulence)

And she was right.
It was honestly the greatest I had EVER put in my mouth!!
I honestly almost diedd!!
The cupcake was so moist and just ahhhh
with the butter cream icing, which was amazing!!

I ended up also picking up their strawberry scones
They were honestly amazing beyond words
So buttery and fresh! I honestly love this place

And fully intend on visiting, maybe everyday
Which will kill my diet, but it's just so good!

So if you're in Toronto check out Sweet Bliss!
Queen Street East & Leslie
With the big pink sign!

[ I'm Ready ~ ]

Did you know that "~" is called a tilde?
haha you learn something new everyday!!

Anyways, after Japanese class I met up with my mom & went to the eaton centre
Totally unexpected, but it was like hey sure
I saw that Bentley's was having a sale on their suitcases, and because I has a trip coming up I thought why not browse
Everything was ugly and I was soo upset
So after, I went into this other luggage store and right at the front is this 
CRAZY PRETTY pink polka dot HEYS fine piece of luggage. 

I saw these ads one night late at night
and I was then determined to find & buy it
THEN after hearing that they discontinued the pink polka dot style, I had to get it even more!!!
~ After alot of argueing and wasting about 3 hours with the manager man
I finally got it... two of them!!


 they're so amazing and perfect
I cant wait to be the only black chick in narita airport with these
Rolling them around, and acting obnoxious

Heree I comeee ~

Feb 25, 2011

Wig maintenance * * What a teasee ~

Not at my best
But regardless

I have this crazy cute wig and it's so thin because i decided to flat iron it
So I've always feared wearing it and risking looking crazy ghetto
So what do white chicks do to their hair a lot to make it puffy? Teasee
( I say this because my nappy roots do not allow for my natural hair to be thin or flat)

And because I get dirty glares like crazy, I realized I couldn't walk outside like that
(Though I'd love to!)
I styled it T^T


Weird faces tend to happen a lotttt

But yeah, it's cute I think
My mom hates it, which is cool
but no tracks will be seen, and essentially that's all that I'm concerned about

Feb 20, 2011

[ Softbank? ]

I'm a docomo girl myself
I honestly spend hours staring at their various phones
Especially after seeing the GORGEOUS new style series 

When i heard my sensei had got me my cellphone from japan
I immediately thought of those old clunky nokia phones I saw Maiko, and Reina with
(no offense, I love you guys! Just not the phones!)
But when I saw sensei with two softbank bags, i was so excited!

I heard of softbank from a few people, but nothing ever amazed me beyond words
they're pretty standard にほんじんけいたい’s

When i laid eyes on this cellphone covered in plastic and some other things I fell in love


When I got home I was able to take this beauty out and see what it could do


 I think differently of Softbank now
I love my new phone!

[ French toast * くださいい!!]

I had french toast once in my life when I was in grade eight
 I wanted to revisit these feelings 
However, I had noooo idea how to make french toast
so I did what i always do & referred to Google
which had a crazy easy recipe for french toast
& I got a making

I made an egg mixture and added nutmeg & cinnamon
cause it's oishi and I wanted to.

Instead of conventional boring bread french toast
I thought "What would Violet LeBeaux do?"
So ~ I cut out hearts


I dipped them in the batter, fried them
drowned them in syrup 
and was delighted with the results!

(sorry most of the pics are blurry because of the steam)

This is a great solution for me because waffles & pancakes make me sick
And I had no desire to throw up!!
Honestly google, you saved the day again!

Feb 13, 2011

[ ♥ Bows ]

Cutest lady came up to me and talked to me for a good 20 minutes about my bows
haha cutest thing ever

Feb 7, 2011

[ ♥ ]

[ Wig Maintenance * ]

~ 1 hour
& will take max 20 minutes to undo ):

Feb 4, 2011

[ MOAR BOWS * * ]

I've been stressing over my ryerson portfolio for a while now
And during this hectic period, I've neglected my room
So today was cleaning day
which i hate to death
But I loveeee finding lost fabrics
and turning them into

I really need to invest in some lace & cover the sides in it
yeyeyeye crazy girlyyy

So what did I do with these bows?
Cause like bows on their own would be great, no complaints
but I don't need bows lying around my room RAIGHT


sea foam bow ring & over sized bow head band
pretty sweet

Can't wait to find an excuse to wear them both haha

May your days be filled with bows, stars and dreams ~
lololol lame.

Feb 1, 2011

[ Outfit Post ♥ ]

jacket - h&m ~ 80$
tank - stitches ~ 5$
shorts - h&m ~25$
stirrup leggings - C'est moi ~ 30$
leg warmers - random Chinese kanji ~ 5$

So i went down to Ryerson today
to drop off my portfolio
I woke up @ 7
And for all who don't know

lmfao i look wondurful in tha mornings 

I was crazy stressed @ first cause apparently i filled something wrong out on the application
& I was pretty sure i had no money to pay for the extra fees

but thankfully the lady was so niceeee
and errtang went well! yey ~

But being there made me crazy intimidated,
it's like a whole different ball game
And maze of intensity
ughh we'll see what happens