Dec 29, 2011

~ I'm so dead || New years resolution :

~ Supah attractive la~


The past few months have been hectic I'll admit
Even my winter break hasn't been a break at all

As soon as I get time, so much blahblah is going to happen!!

~ For now I'm going to go creep some guys downtown :)

Nov 26, 2011

~ [ What I've been up to: BUSY ]

So the past couple of weeks / months have been pretty hectic
I've been beyond tired and crazayyy
So lack of blogging is result,
Which seems to happen a lot lately :(
Anyways here a summary of my life so far lol

~ I was looking through my japan scrapbook my host mom made for me
:( She was the bestt


That dress I got from Rakuten
From Dream V.
It was my first time ordering from them so I was super nervous
Thankfully, the sizing wasn't redic like I thought it be
The clothes ended up being too big for me (except the shorts, too small x_x)
But iz ok!!
Overall, everything went so smoothly, I wasn't shocked or raped with crazy charges
( it came up to 170$ about for everything i bought plus shipping)


Here are some other stuff I got! ~ :

~ I love this dress!! it has a crazy low back with chains across

And this dress ^ makes me feel like such a school girl!!

Plus I made some other dumb purchases x_x
so much money gone ahhhhh
But it's so easy to spend!!

Here's SOME of what I got ~ ~ ~

Tons of makeup!!
I've needed them mostly for my cosmetics class, but I figured
"Hey I could use it on myself, and it's fine to take my school money cause it's for school"
We all know I just wanted some makeup
W/e ~ 300$ gone :(

I've also bee spending tons of cash on FOOD
Cash gone moar cash gone, paycheck gone

And tonight! (most recent thing in this post)
I decorated the Christmas tree
Finally this year I could choose the colors!!

I'm not the kind of person to be all into christmas
Like I'm still kind of like ughhh
I have like an essay to do, homework, I'm tired I can't even go and buy gifts like wtf
:( Damn
Anyways I'm glad I was able to kid of catch up
I just wish I could of done it sooner
oh wellz

I also ordered a bunch of stuff ! ( lol I'm horrible with money )
I'm trying to finish my laptop deco (yeah I took that on)
And bought a wig from cyperous
Will do review when I get it and get some sleep
ok good night / morning


~ Camwhoreing forever

Nov 2, 2011

~ Shopping a loting *

I got my Litas! ~ Maybe a very long time ago ~ haha late blogger ~ With free shipping @_@
It honestly only took 4 days to get to me (well they are in the states and I'm in Canada hmmm)
It was such an amazing feeling, especially seeing as customs totally theifted my money!!
Anyways, there so cute!!
But I've been trying to break them in, I always have this issue with shoes, maybe I have deformed feet, but my pinky toe always hurts like crazy in new shoes
Other than that they're crazy comfy!!

I also have been shopping like crazyyyy
Here are a few things I purchased :)

This Japanese blackhead taker outer! I love me some gimmick
haha it's so cute and soft
So of course me being a maniac scrubbed my blackheads WAYYY too hard
and started to bleed, and now I have a scar on my chin
Haha, the product itself is really good, it loosens your black and white heads
~ no discrimination hereee
And gets them out real naice like.

I think I've mentioned the store "star" before in SEVERAL previous posts
Well I went back, and they still don't remember me lah~
But they were having ~ and maybe still are ~ a crazy "EVERYTHING 10$ SALE"
So I went crazyyyy
Lace dress on the right can be worn as shown (that's the back)
Or flipped around (high neckline, all solid white lace)

The maxi skirt on the left has a crazy amazing slit all the way up one side
It fits, but I feel fat ._.
I have also been practicing putting on nail polish

Not great, but huge accomplishment for me

My new phone case ;D
I lalalove ittt
And I got it on ETSY for supahh cheap dorrah
Till next time! I'll try to update more often and more interestingly );

Also sorry for the horrible cell phone quality pictures
I haven't touched my camera since I came back from Japan (4 months ago)
Which is insane I know, but it scares me!! so yeah


Oct 8, 2011

[ J C ! ! ~ ]

So for those who don't already know
I'm a crazy huge fan of Jeffery Campbell!!

I always find myself on Nasty Gal in class just staring at all the gorgeous shoes!!

So out of impulse I decided to buy a pair of

Lace Litas!!
I decided to go with black because they're neutral and I can wear it with anything
the lace adds a bit of personality

and I can't believe I just bought them @_@

This is so bad!! my shopping habits are horrible
I need more money!!
what about my books, trips, Ball jointed dolls, how will i be able to afford to move out

At least I have some gorgeous shoes that I hope I can walk in ):

Anyways... I'm going to go cry now
and start one of my many projects for school

Bye T^T

Oct 5, 2011

[ outfit post! ~ ]

I'm so tired! school is so overwhelmingg
but I managed to wear something outrageous kind of today ~ haha

~ no makeup don't die ok !

I recently went to this amazing store, BUT I'll tell you about it next time!!
short post ftw yeah!

this bracelet I bought in osaka's shibuya 109 was also featured in Kera's august volume
I didn't even notice it!! I was just skimming it ~ and there was my bracelet!!

no wonder it was so expensive! ):

Till next time!!

Sep 27, 2011

[ Small update ]

The studio, where I teach wonderful nice people to sew

At first I was really nervous about teaching sewing
I'm also crazy bad at talking and explaining things
But somehow, I've been able to do both quite well, which makes me happy!!

And of course after work there's always some time for le camwhoreing ~

The girls have done some really amazing work!
I'm so proud of all of my students! haha makes me feel old or something

If you're in the toronto area, and you're interested in classes and what we do
check out the make den!


Sep 21, 2011

~ Back hopefully not temp!

(picture from my colour theory class, example of how we see colour lol!)

Hey! so I've been pretty M.I.A.
Once I got back from Japan I got right into apartment shopping
which failed
then started school which I love!
and I'm typing up this post on my newly bought macbook pro!

I bought it yesterday so no legit pics boo it sucks yeah
but now i can blog more comfortably and freely and my sister won't be all
"no chanel i want to play sims" yo eff that

(Vintage Hello kitty suitcase!! lol 1990's isnt that vintage I guess)

(Cute cuffs i got for 10$!!)

Recently I've been taking tons of phone pics - so sorry for the quality
My camera is pretty raped from the Japan trip... LOL!
That's another mess I need to take care of

(Prisila wig I got in japan!! *_* YES)

( My fav purikura from Japan ~ I got to go to osaka on my birthday!!! kyaaaa~ )

This was a pretty random post
buttt I will post more in the next little while!! With pics and things from my Japan trip
if you want to see pics that I've already uploaded, check out my Facebook!

Anyways, until later!! ): man I'm tired.

Jun 28, 2011

[ ~ What I've been up to // * Cho Mach Hiatus ]

Past couple of weeks at a glance

~ I've been doing a lot of shopping for my trip to Japan ***
~ got pre-deco'd stickies for my japanese keitai

~ camwhored a lot *
~ Graduated my second year at TJLS good times

~ Evening primrose pills are amazing for lady cramps & loosing weight + it's all natural
~ Dufferin mall hauls (I know! )

It's been a good couple of weeks ~

I've been very busy with meetings & planning things for my trip
even now I should be resting and getting my last minute stuff done
seeing as I'm leaving tomorrow!
But I'm soo excited, and really nervous
I'll be at the Kobe YWCA summer intensive program for a month
& plan on going to Osaka as often as possible errday lol



This means more of me being away!!

But when I come back I'll have tons of pics! maybe vids
pics of my buys; chizz like that you know you know
Stuff and stuff

~ See you soon maybe probably not! *