Apr 8, 2010


 I realised I've never posted my opinion of a place that I've been to and enjoyed
So today is the day

Yesterday, I went out with a bunch of friends to this place I've never heard of
Called : Cafe princess

The decor inside is adorable
It's like elegant and cute
There's these beautifully upholstered couches and chairs with pillows
where you sit and eat
Instead of the normal chair and table set up

~They don't serve epic meals
They serve cakes (so good), sandwiches, a large variety of drinks (non alcoholic)
Waffle things, ice cream, and a lot more good stuff

Kind of pricey though ~ I am on a student's budget mind you xD
Our total came up to 66$

It's so cute!
For all you Torontonians check it out!

Plus theres so many hot Korean guys in the area : 3

(It's that comfy)

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