Mar 24, 2010

[ :D ]

Yah I'm late
But I love this vid!
I wanted to post this a while ago
but now is good too


[ Shopping is evil ... Kind of ]

All I wanted to do was to apply for a job at Winners
That's all
But noo, as usual I was lead astray by an evil devil!
She told me to look around the store,
So we could get the chick at customer service at a time when she wasn't busy
Sensical, yes?
Well then I found gorgeous tops, bags, shoes!

All I wanted to do was to get a job, so that I could make money, so I could spend it there
Not go there, to find clothes I want, buy it and end up broke and unemployed!

But alas, I resisted temptation
I found these wicked awesome heels, so sexyy and high and just mmmhhhmmmm
So I tried them on,
Never have I worn anything so high!


(sorry I was wearing socks that are distractingg)

And 40$ which is pretty good I think.
But, it's Winners
When you see something in that store, once you go back it's gone and new better stuff are stocked.

So you should all wish me luck!
Hope that I get the job
So I can spend the money there

But that's life ~ Way to read.
Felt cam whoreing was needed ~ I look horrible


Mar 15, 2010

[ Art of roaming ]

So, me and my friend love to roam around Korea town
Even though most of the time we go to the same places
I personally wanted to end that bad habit!
I mean it's no fun going to the same places over and over
Unless there's hot Korean guys ~ HOHOHOO

So anyways, I took a little detour
I saw this interesting looking kid walk out of this sketchy door,
On the door, the sign read OPEN
So, I took my friend, and dragged her with me to see what was inside

We went up the stairs
( seeing as there was no where else for us to go, it was just stairs)
And heard a voice "are you looking for the store?"
I of course being loud and such yelled "YAH, WHAT DO YOU SELL"
And he gave me a weird look.

Once we reached the top of the stairs we met a tall handsome black guy (wooot!)
The first thing that came to my mind was "black guy in ktown say whattt?"
And he gestured towards a strange boutique in one side of his interestingly set up space.

"The stores in there, there's clothes ranging from 10$ to 30$, there's washrooms over there if you want to change, and call me if you need anything!"
My friend gave me this "let's leave" look, seeing as we've never been in a place like that before
But I was all nahhhh let's discover! So, I walked into the boutique
And my jaw kind of sort of DROPPED
There were so many cool things!
It was awesome! I was so happy! I didn't know what to feel, I ran around from one side to the other
tripping over things that weren't even in my way.

Then the nice man walked in again, 
( with his korean girlfriend, cause you know, black guys who are well off are RARELY ever with a black chick, but she was nice and pretty, not hating on her!)
And he told us "if you see anything you like tell me, andd I can give you a discount, on whatever you want!"

And then, my friend, being as curious as she is
asked him about the rest of his space.
(It was all covered in darkness)

and then his eyes lit up
"Let me show you" he yelped,
he hopped up in joy and turned on the lights everywhere
"This is my studio!" he proclaimed, pointing everywhere with pride.
His girlfriend then explained to us that he was a DJ, artist, and he sold clothes

(I know, black man, good looking too)
And he also threw awesome parties there, but we're too young to go
So we looked around

and it was just sheer epicness
Unfourtunately, I had spent all of my money already so I couldn't buy anything
I saw this preeettttyyy checkered jumper dress, that most likely could fit me, and was only like 15$
Butt, alas I could not buy anything T__T

And buy everything off of that man

But yes, the point of this was, good things come from roaming
Even when you're walking up a sketchy dark staircase
It's better to go to the top, and see what's there
Than walk away, and have missed out on an epic deal.

[ こんばんわ ]

So, this is probably the gajillionth blog I've made.

However, I have a good feeling about this one.
Unlike the others,
I can easily remember the name of this one
... along with my password (inner LOL)

And a lot more has happened, and is probably going to happen
So it wont be one of those lame "I hate my life, kill me now" ones
which I have deleted, cause that's not something I should share online
Anyways, I'm off to think of things to post

Good luck to this blog I say!