Jan 5, 2014

~ おせち!! New Year Dinner

** Warning may be really wrong about a lot of things in this post so don't be angry at me!! **
I have always wanted to have osechi dinner! It's been my dream since forever, seriously!!
I was planning on going to Japan this winter break for fukubukuro and osechi! Honestly, if I didn't get the fukubukuro it's was cool, I just really wanted to eat osechi!~!!

So when my Japanese teacher invited me over to have osechi I said yes immediately!!
I want to thank her and her husband for being such great hosts, and inviting me cause they really didn't have to but they did and I love them :(

Okay enough about that haha onto the pictures!!

When I saw this before me I almost cried!!
This is my dream come true!!

So this is an osechi ryori!
Different regions of Japan have different ways of preparing it, so I guess this would be Kansai style osechi?
(I could be wrong I'm probably wrong don't hate ok I learnt this all yesterday)

So if you haven't had this before you're probably wondering what is everything??
Every dish has a different meaning

So I did some research, even though my teacher told me about each meaning I forgot most of them
too much history to learn in one night haha


( I think it's called that)
This is an amazzziinnggg soup with rice cakes at the bottom
(usually made by hand but this is Canada ok!)


 It has carrots, rice cakes (obv), leafy vegetable, and things...
And this is made with a miso broth, I think eastern regions use a bonito broth
This is a very important part of the osechi ryori!
Historically it was offered to the gods, and represents having a happy new year! And it tastes so good

Then there's Kamaboko! Which is the pink & white circle things in the pictures!
Which is like fish cakes! (pureed fish, steamed, tadaahhh)
And it represents good luck!

Kohaku namasu,
which is the orange & white chilled salad with pickled carrots and daikon
it represents happiness and celebration
 it's a SURPRISINGLY SWEET omelet with fish that is rolled
It represents education and culture
I'm sure after reading this you can assume I didn't eat much of it as my writing is terrible and I didn't learn much about Japanese culture, OK

Cute right? Yeah!!!

is pickled herring roe, the taste was interesting and it was super crunchy
but I like it, I liked everything, I eat everything
This represents fertility

They are sweet black beans of perfection I can't they're so good
it represents a wish of good health for the new year

small sardines (so cute) that are dried and cooked in a sweet sauce
Which mean a good harvest... I think...
And the shrimp represent long life, and yeah!
Those are the most important ones (everything is important though ok)
so I wont go into much more detail haha


Finally haha at the top there's a special osechi dessert called Kuri kinton
which is shredded sweet potato and a chestnut in the middle
it represents good fortune ($$$$$)
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy I'm ready for that!!

This was the appetizers! Sooo good!
Should of put at the top but osechi so important ok!!
prosciutto & melon yuuuummm I wasn't sure about the combo but it was fantastic!
And cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mozzarella, and mint
loveloveloveee everythingg
With cute New Year rilakkuma watching us~

And of course selfies with Nako and our Casio Tr cameras ;D
Everyone should buy this camera!! Super fantastic
They're hard to find!! I'm so jealous of all those Chinese bloggers buying them and using them or even getting them sponsored @___@
Nako found hers on instagram
And I found mine on eBay after a really long time of waiting!!
It's not easy ):
Please make it easier for us, westerners want to take cute pictures too!!

And my new year gift from sensei!!
Thank you sosososooo much :D I loovvee it!!

My ootd ~
Stylenanda dress - HERE
H&M top
H&M belt

Doing a faux-mono (faux -kimono) look
That was a little play on words that didn't wont but I'm sticking to it!!

And of course picture of myself!
This New Year is definitely a new start for me
I graduated college for business and am starting a new school pursuing the program I love
I'm so excited

I am in an amazing relationship with a guy that actually exists
And he is the most fantastic guy I have ever been with and probably ever will be with
Ok I'm gonna stop lol if we break up tomorrow after I post this no bueno ok

I am learning who I want to keep in my life and who I want nothing to do with
Which is hard and always changes, but I'm learning more as time progresses

And I'm learning how to be more independent
I'm looking forward to blogging more, I always feel great afterwards
So here's to 2014!


Jan 28, 2013

Distillery : Photo diary style ! ~

SO I am going to start off with a huge thank you to wengie

~ Picture taken from her blog, she's soooo pretty it's insane

And I'm a loser, but it means SO MUCH TO ME
This is pretty huge, like going to be put on my list of best things that have ever happened to me big
And I wish nothing but great GREAT things upon her and happiness and perfection
And yea I'm so happy
She's great
Everything's gonna be great


I am always really inspired and kind of creepy towards Yutaki James
WHY DID I SAY THAT?! Cause I'm at that point in my creepiness that I'm open about it
like yea I follow you on twitter, instagram, your blog, formspring, facebook... other places

He has amazzinngg photography skills and is good looking which is like a perfect combo
... Uh yea I'm not weird!!
And he always makes stunning photo diaries

So I have bad photography skills and mediocre photoshop skills
so I tried my CHANEL version of a photo diary!! 
And went to Toronto's own distillery district



And yea!!
If you have any suggestions other than to jump off a cliff that would be great
This was my first time doing this
hopefully with patience, and practice I'll be somewhat better!!

My outfit for the day!
Trying to be Korean style, it was very comfy lol

Bai bai! ~

Nov 10, 2012

~ KOBE pictures 1 (img heavy)

Haha I know right!! It's been so long
More than a year ago
But I was going through my pictures and found these, so I though no time like present time post nao

So this is from the first week ish... haha ok


See a million more ...

Oct 30, 2012

~ PMall Gets

Pacific Mall, North America's largest oriental mall apparently lol
& has awesome deals and awesome stores!!

 * Stick on nails
* Nail stickers
* Nail polishes
* Nail art pen


* Lace with bows bolero
* Beaded collar
* Cheetah print vest
* Leather fringe fitted top
* Pink bow purse (I lovveee)

More interesting posts to come I swear lol, I just shop a lot